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Let me apologize for being absent this week.  I won’t do that again because I have missed writing.  BUT, right now I have to tell you why I can barely sit still or think about anything besides football.  I never, ever want to wish a weekend away but I just can’t wait until Sunday. I get to see my Seahawks in person on Sunday!!!!!  Can’t remember the last time I was this excited about something. 

Tonight, Dad and I will go watch the Hornets play, catch some playoff football before and after, maybe check out the Seahawks party after the game.  I just need to keep busy because I’m crawling out of my skin with excitement.  An awesome coworker invited us to their tailgate party tomorrow morning, even knowing I will be in Navy and Green.  There is also a Seahawks Road Crew tailgate party so we’ll be busy until time to go to the stadium.

Monday, I get to share the Hornets game with Dad and a couple of friends, so I will either be extremely happy, or welllllll, back to focusing on basketball 🙂  Whatever the outcome, this is a once in a lifetime type of experience for me, and I’m like “little kid at Christmas” hyped up about it.

I know this post is really boring, but I just needed to say hello and check in.  Well aware that most people who might read this are Panthers fans, but I’ve been a football fan since long before the Panthers existed so just understand I don’t hate the Panthers, I just have to cheer against them when they play my team! I’ve found a Facebook page for Hawks fans coming to the game and that’s pretty awesome.  12’s travel well it seems.

I won’t talk about the actual game just yet, saving that for tomorrow! But, YES I THINK THE HAWKS HAVE A CHANCE – a good one!  Until then, #goHawks from this #12livinginPantherscountry. 




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