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Snow Day Memories

Hello everyone!  It’s been a minute since I posted, but I’m finally over my Seahawks’ defeat.  Today here in Charlotte we had some winter weather (some ice, snow, sleet, and more on the way), and it was so much fun to see the poodles outside chasing the tennis ball in the snow.  Walker hasn’t seen snow before but he matched every step of big sis Izzy.  I hope there is more snow tomorrow so they can go out and play again. Of course the doxies want no part of it.  They stick their noses out of the dog door to assess the situation, and decide from there if they want to come out or not.  (Picture it if you can, three little noses poking out, JUST the noses, while the poodles are outside running around having a blast).  I knew I could make you smile.

You know I always say Fall reminds me of my mountain heritage.  But so does winter and snowfall.  I so vividly remember being on the mountain without power, and seeing the snow truck lights coming up the road, and hearing the power truck.  Hot chocolate with marshmallows, candles and so many blankets to keep warm.  These sounds and images are as clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday.  All of these sights and sounds were a regular part of my mountain childhood.

snow excitementThe pine trees heavy with snow sure were beautiful, but…. That came at a cost of frozen power lines.  I didn’t care, I was a kid!  I know my mom kept watch on things like that to know when to bring out the candles and lanterns, so I just enjoyed the snow days.  I remember walking down the mountain to Mamaw’s house to get hot chocolate, because she made hers with MILK!  Isn’t it funny how certain things trigger amazingly strong (and fond) memories?!  Anyone have any snow memories that come to mind?

For me, there is NOTHING as peaceful as going outside in the freshly fallen snow.  The complete and utter silence, the crisp, clean air…  nothing I can write would do it justice. I love snow.  It is cleansing, therapeutic for me.  

snow clarity

I’m not gonna lie, this ONLY applies to SNOW!!!  The ice, freezing rain, sleet, nahhhhh, I’m not about that.  I know it’s a hassle to shovel the driveway, and to be stuck inside… but try it – just bundle up, go outside and walk around a little bit.  Listen to the complete stillness.  Breathe the most amazingly crisp air, throw a snowball or three, see your breath in the air, and LAUGH, just laugh.  HAVE FUN!  You see how much kids love snow days – let’s see if we can learn a lesson from them for a change.

Stay warm, stay safe, and stay PAWSITIVE 🙂

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