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Coach MKG

Yes, I am a loyal 5th year season ticket holder, and I support my team no matter what.  YES, I was there for “THAT” season – you know the one, where the then Bobcats had the worst record in NBA HISTORY.  And I am still there.  So many people ask me WHY I’ve stuck it out.

1) I have an amazing seat that I refuse to give up if I don’t renew 🙂

2) I have a basketball family – been sitting around the same people for years and we really are like family.  From the staff to the other season ticket holders, I can honestly say I get excited about seeing everyone 42 times a year.

3) Everyone at the Arena is so freakin friendly!  You get a huge warm welcome when you arrive because you see the same staff every game.  I am wearing an aircast (HUGE walking boot) right now, and the usher from my section comes down to get me to help me get up the steps.  There’s an usher I call the “Dancing Queen” because she dances the whole time everyone is leaving with a huge smile on her face.  Even when the team doesn’t win (and yep there’s been a lot of that), we all still have a good time.  That means a lot to this single person who goes to all the games by myself, when in reality I just drive there by myself and then I am surrounded by friends.

4) Most importantly maybe: Our team plays with HEART.  We don’t have any of those “one name superstars” yet – you know them so I won’t name them.  But we have a TEAM who is really learning how to play together and make things happen.  It is so much fun to watch.  I pick a player every year to be my favorite and purposely it isn’t one of the main cast of characters.  This year it’s Jeremy Lin.  OK HORNETS PEEPS this is the start of my campaign to SIGN THIS MAN TO A CONTRACT EXTENSION!  He wants to play here, even when he’s getting knocked around on the court causing all kinds of chaos on the defensive end of the ball, he is smiling.  I see almost all of our guys smiling now.  This means something to me as someone who invests my limited spending money on season tickets.

5) Our guys seem to genuinely appreciate the fans.  They know we have had some well, ummmm, some lean years in terms of wins, but we stick with it.  The Hive is packed now, far more so than in previous years and I love being there to watch the excitement grow.

6) What a super cool thing the coaching staff has done with star player MKG.  He’s out for the year recovering from shoulder surgery, but they’ve given him a job.  He travels with the team, comes to all the games and is in essence a scout.  See today’s article linked at the top of this post.  What a great idea!

Ok so I am a bit of a sports junkie, so I will talk real stuff on here.  But today, this is my emotional reaction to why I love my team.  Last night was insane – last second game winning shot by the Knicks was waved off (correctly) because time had expired.  The place was ELECTRIC!  Everyone was high fiving each other, screaming, it was nothing short of incredible how much energy was in the place.  Cannot wait to go back on Sunday evening.  #GoHornets

Jeremy Lin and the Hornets

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