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Sometimes you just need to LAUGH!

As I wrote earlier, I’ve just been down in the dumps for a bit.  But finally I made my way back to the Hive (Time Warner Cable Arena) to watch my Hornets play – felt great to sit in my seat again.  My basketball family welcomed me and a feeling of comfort and happiness found its way inside.

Being there, feeling the energy and excitement.  Just what I needed.

I say this to remind everyone, no matter how bad things seem or how sad you feel, just make time to LAUGH, hysterically, out loud, for some silly reason.  It works wonders!  The video I’ve attached is Hugo the Puppet who photobombs everyone on the big screen, and for some reason, every single time, I laugh like a little kid when he does his thing.

Don’t be afraid to let go sometimes.  We spend so much time being “in control” and living such serious lives.  Nothing wrong with that, but just remember, laughter really is the best medicine.  Be silly, laugh at something simple, most of all, ENJOY THE MOMENT.  I just hadn’t been doing enough of that.


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