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Removing Obstacles!

Hello lovelies – I’ve been away too long (one day I will NOT have to say that!).  I wanted to write a bit about removing obstacles to your goals.  I am the ABSOLUTE best ever at making excuses for why I cannot do something, why I can’t go workout, why I can’t eat right, why I can’t write daily etc.

So… While I’ve been doing my lessons in the Marketing Impact Academy, I’ve been thinking about what it takes to make baby steps towards success.  For me, it has been removing the obstacles that gave me allllll of those excuses.

1) I started working with Terry Davis at Hard Body Fitness PTG, and took all of the decision making and guess work out of whether I was going to work out or not. I just do.  I just show up, and I just do it.  Day 42 today of this new way of thinking for me.  I used to be the perfectionist – if I couldn’t do EXACTLY what I wanted to do, or what I used to do, forget it.  Wasn’t worth the effort.  WELLLLLLLL – Terry doesn’t care what I used to do, and the amazing people that work and train there don’t care either.  They are there to PUSH YOU, and lift you up every step of the way.  Yesterday (figuratively speaking) is irrelevant – it’s TODAY now and it’s time to work.

2) I found a service that delivers my groceries to MY FRONT DOOR.  Do you even understand how much I despise going to the grocery store?  I HATE it.  So I reward myself with eating out because who wants to cook after all that mess?  And – OMG did you SEEEEE all the new flavors of Oreos??? And the chips? And the cookies????

Yeah – so now the only thing that shows up at my door is EXACTLY what I put on the list, and well I’m not dumb enough to admit to Coach Terry that I really legitimately listed s’mores flavored Oreos or Red Velvet donuts on there.

3) OK wow, I felt like there were a lot more obstacles I’ve been removing…. Ahhhh, yep, the biggest and most stubborn one was GETTING OUT OF MY OWN WAY!!!  Make decisions, trust the process that you decided was best with the help of those you needed to help guide you, and JUST GO.  Get the heck out of your own way and just DO the things…. Sometimes, just maybe it is the most positive thing in the world to STOP thinking for a little while and just do.

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