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On the lookout for something positive today!

So, a fact about me: I’m fanatical about my Atlanta Braves, and also the NY Yankees.  I’ve caught a lot of flack over that, people tell me I can’t like BOTH of them… But I’m me, and I do.  Cause that’s how I roll. Anyway, I was happy with Chipper’s walk off homer over the Phillies Wednesday, then the Phillies bounced back yesterday. Oh, and the Braves made today’s NOT top 10 because Brian McCann got poked in the eye during his grand slam celebration 🙂

Yesterday the Yanks lost Mariano Rivera with a torn ACL – who doesn’t love it when we hear Enter Sandman over the speakers as he comes into a game (ok, ok, probably not opposing teams).
I wrote about something sad in sports yesterday, so today I’m on the lookout for a positive feel good sports story.  Stay tuned to see where it comes from…

Plenty to choose from on a playoff Friday… this could be fun, maybe a regular feature. 

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