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Never. Forget. 9/11/01

Today has been a strange day, because it’s the first Sunday for NFL football, which is usually my favorite day of the year.  However, it is also the anniversary of the saddest day in our nation’s history.  This is NOT a political post at all (though most of you who really know me know where I am on the political spectrum).  I really just want to make a couple of points and call it a night.  Today I will not talk about the NFL games that I’ve been counting down to since the Super Bowl ended last year.

Today I will talk about the day…. That day that NONE of us will ever, ever forget.  Where we were.  Who we talked to first…. The emotions… The tears… It all seemed so surreal and unbelievable.  How could this happen to the GREATEST country on earth?

Then the magic happened.  After tragedy came the magic.  Our wonderful, beautiful, hopeful country came together…  TOGETHER… To heal.  To recover.  To clean up the unthinkable sites where terrorism had hit our tough as nails country.  We. Came. Together……

The days, weeks, months after that awful, awful day that still brings tears to my eyes really showed WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT.  PLEASE let’s forget politics, and political parties on this day.  Let’s think about the PEOPLE of These UNITED STATES of America.  UNITED, NOT DIVIDED.  It didn’t matter what color, religion, sexual orientation you were – we were TOGETHER, to help, however we could, to help our country heal and come back greater than ever.

Think about that….. Color….. Religion…. Sexual orientation.  DID NOT MATTER.  We were all AMERICANS.

Today, we are all consumed with the NFL players and whether they will stand for the National Anthem.  I’m heartbroken that we think this is the most important issue facing our wonderful country.   We are free – we have the right to stand, kneel, sit – whatever we choose on any given day.  How AMAZING is that????

Today, can we PLEASE remember back to 15 years ago, when nothing else mattered but healing our country?  Our country, the greatest on earth, still has massive amounts of healing to do, and we ALL need to play our parts in this.  UNITED we stand, but DIVIDED we fall, and my greatest fear when I put my head on my pillow at night is that we are far too divided.  Let us not allow hatred and bigotry to get in the way of the greater good. Please…..

NEVER. EVER. FORGET.  And let the lesson we learned about ourselves as Americans 15 years ago come back to us today.  Our differences are so much smaller than our similarities.  United we MUST stand.

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  1. Charles Charles

    Well said thank you for honoring this day

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