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Hello lovelies – remember me?  Oh how I’ve missed you.  My creative/writing mojo just completely left me for far too long and I can’t really explain why or what happened.  But … let me share something awesome with you.  You know how the rest of the world starts their new year on January 1?  Well…. quirky Pam chooses to use her birthday (TODAY) as the beginning of my New Year.  This is my opportunity to hit reset.  To commit to going all in, doubling down on my goals in this year of ME.

I’m excited about my creative process now that my personal mission is falling into place with baby steps.  I have finally lost 17 pounds and I am NOT stopping now.  The process works, and I’m sticking to it.  Never look back and just keep going….. the results I want are there I just have to trust the process and follow it to the letter.  I post daily using the hashtags #fightforfit #neverlookback #onamission and I will keep using these.

I think that making progress towards my fitness goals will free my mind to work on my creative goals.  The whole point in writing this is to say – IT IS NEVER, EVER TOO LATE to start working on something that means the world to you.  JUST DO IT!  Once you commit- once you go ALLLLLL INNNNN (and I do mean all in – no half ass work will do), amazing things will happen.

On this, my own personal New Year’s Day, I want to thank my HardBody Fitness Personal Training family for their NEVER ENDING support and encouragement.  This family is full of successful athletes at the pro and amateur level, and people like me who are just trying to become the best version of themselves.  It’s been completely amazing to witness the support from everyone.  They truly believe in you and support you 110% and also hold you accountable.  We really are a team, even though I don’t compete, they make me feel like I belong.  This has been SO good for me.

What is it you are still wanting to accomplish in 2016?  Most importantly, are you surrounding yourself with people who will help you make that happen???? August can be a time to coast, to slow down and relax – or, as I choose, it can be a time to double down on EVERYTHING and go all in to make things happen.  I am with you, whichever you choose.  I consider myself so fortunate to have my gym family and my creative family supporting me – I never would have found them if I hadn’t admitted I needed help and had been willing to open myself up to other people.  Introverts know how hard this is!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone 🙂  Choose something you’ve been absolutely dying to do but never thought you could.  GO ALL IN!!!! You might be surprised with the results.  Think PAWSITIVELY my lovelies and the world is yours.  I love you all, and I am back.

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