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Happy National Puppy Day!

Well, I don’t exactly have puppies anymore (Walker is over a year old now), I have a great reason to celebrate today.  My six pups make me SOOO happy every single day, no matter how bad I feel about anything else.

And today especially, I am so relieved that my Sadie is feeling better.  She has been in critical condition since Sunday, spent time in ICU at my local vet and overnight at the emergency hospital.  At last we see those bright, shiny eyes again.  Thanks for everyone’s well wishes – you guys know how much these “kids” mean to me. 🙂20150127_015656132_iOS

I just wanted to say HELLO because I haven’t been here in a bit.

But one more thing – HOW ABOUT MY HORNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight lovelies.  See you again soon.

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