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Culture or sport?

Still feeling sad and perplexed by the suicide of Junior Seau. I just can’t forget that smile and his never quit on a play attitude. I’m sad for the loved ones left behind to question why. I’m sad for sports fans too because we are left to wonder if anything can be done to stop the devastating brain injuries (maybe this isn’t why 55 is gone but it gives us pause…). And is it just football, or what about boxing, mma, other sports with direct or indirect head injuries? How many athletes suffer in silence or deaths go unpublicized because they aren’t Hall of Famers? I don’t know… Maybe none. But just something I was thinking about. These amazing athletes play their sports for our entertainment, and as a result make an amazing living (or maybe not for the unsung ones). What should happen now? Is it our fault as a culture or society because we demand this product? Or should the powers that be in each sport now work really really hard to make safety even more of a priority? Is it possible without changing the intensity and passion the public demands? Would we complain then that every game is like the Pro Bowl or NHL All Star game? Just some random thoughts. I’m not on either side here I’m just really sad that we won’t see that 1000 watt smile again. RIP Junior.

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