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Removing Obstacles!

Hello lovelies – I’ve been away too long (one day I will NOT have to say that!).  I wanted to write a bit about removing obstacles to your goals.  I am the ABSOLUTE best ever at making excuses for why I cannot do something, why I can’t go workout, why I can’t eat right, why I can’t write daily etc.

So… While I’ve been doing my lessons in the Marketing Impact Academy, I’ve been thinking about what it takes to make baby steps towards success.  For me, it has been removing the obstacles that gave me allllll of those excuses.

1) I started working with Terry Davis at Hard Body Fitness PTG, and took all of the decision making and guess work out of whether I was going to work out or not. I just do.  I just show up, and I just do it.  Day 42 today of this new way of thinking for me.  I used to be the perfectionist – if I couldn’t do EXACTLY what I wanted to do, or what I used to do, forget it.  Wasn’t worth the effort.  WELLLLLLLL – Terry doesn’t care what I used to do, and the amazing people that work and train there don’t care either.  They are there to PUSH YOU, and lift you up every step of the way.  Yesterday (figuratively speaking) is irrelevant – it’s TODAY now and it’s time to work.

2) I found a service that delivers my groceries to MY FRONT DOOR.  Do you even understand how much I despise going to the grocery store?  I HATE it.  So I reward myself with eating out because who wants to cook after all that mess?  And – OMG did you SEEEEE all the new flavors of Oreos??? And the chips? And the cookies????

Yeah – so now the only thing that shows up at my door is EXACTLY what I put on the list, and well I’m not dumb enough to admit to Coach Terry that I really legitimately listed s’mores flavored Oreos or Red Velvet donuts on there.

3) OK wow, I felt like there were a lot more obstacles I’ve been removing…. Ahhhh, yep, the biggest and most stubborn one was GETTING OUT OF MY OWN WAY!!!  Make decisions, trust the process that you decided was best with the help of those you needed to help guide you, and JUST GO.  Get the heck out of your own way and just DO the things…. Sometimes, just maybe it is the most positive thing in the world to STOP thinking for a little while and just do.

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For extra smiles, share your experiences with others! (And don’t assume things!)

Hello everyone!  Tonight was such a great night.  My Hornets won and are now in 4th place in the playoff standings (WOOHOOOO!).  The game was fun, but wanna know what made it even more fun?  I was lucky enough to get a few extra tickets today so I shared with a friend of mine and his two daughters (how awesome of their mom to be excited for them to go!), because he had told me that they would enjoy going.

Of course I love watching my Hornets, and especially when they’re winning.  But you know what was even better?  Seeing those adorable girls smile, laugh, cheer – having a wonderful time. That was the best!  They were shown on the jumbo-tron, and the host Fly Ty and Honeybee KT came up to say hello and welcome them to their first game.  THIS is why I love every single thing about my team and all of the people who are part of it – they didn’t have to do that, but they did because everyone wanted that first experience to be FUN.  What’s better than fun and smiles and enjoying something you haven’t done before?

I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary – just gave away some tickets.  But I got SO much out of that simple little thing.  My point here is – if there is something you totally love, something you always look forward to doing – think about who else might enjoy experiencing that too!  Just might make you see things a little differently – a little more positively.  Like think about something you do that you like but might take for granted because it’s the norm for you – I bet you can think of something pretty awesome.  SHARE IT!

I will leave you with the best answer EVER to a silly question from the game:  the guy who sits next to me asked my friend’s cute little 6 year old “do you want to be a cheerleader when you grow up?” (because our seats are beside the Honeybees dance team).  She calmly replies “NO, I am going to be a doctor.”

BOOM!!!  Lesson here is don’t assume everyone fits into the same nice little box 🙂  And that was just so awesome, I wish you could have heard it live.

Stay PAWSITIVE lovelies.  This is all part of our season of transformation – I told you this will be fun 🙂


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Spring is Transformation Season!

And I am not just talking about physical, weight loss type of transformation.  Try this: figure out something you’ve always wanted to learn, and then make a plan to do it.  I have two things that I have top of mind.  One is simple, and one is more long term.

First of all, I decided I want to learn more about makeup – so I asked a gorgeous friend of mine, @creativegalina, to give me some lessons.  Now, she is total glamour lady, so I only need a TINY fraction of that – but I want to learn.  You would think at my age I would know how to do makeup, but I really don’t.  Always wanted to, so I just asked someone that I know is good at it!

Second thing is, I’ve hired a writing coach to help me develop a daily writing habit.  And she is helping me with coming up with a detailed schedule for journaling, drafting blog posts, the whole gamut.  I am in the analysis paralysis loop – so consequently nothing happens.  I am so happy to be working with her.  I WANT to be present for anyone who cares to read.

Also, I am working with some business professionals on how best to begin my brand “Sports Vixen” and how to help it grow once it’s off the ground.  That part is slower than I would like, but it is going to happen.  I am SO beyond excited to have my own brand, and someone behind the brand of “SPORTS VIXEN” can’t exactly be a wallflower!  I have to learn how to market myself and my product, and I have to be comfortable being “out there”, being seen, all the stuff I hate!  Again, I’ve just been talking to people who have the confidence I am lacking, and they are helping me grow personally.

I am leaving this version of me behind.  The “keyboard warrior” who hides behind the screen, who doesn’t want to be seen.  No, I am nowhere near where I want to be, but the only way to get there is to GO!!!!!

Come along with me – pick something you’ve always wanted to do (an athletic event, a creative project, whatever it is), and invest some quality time in YOU!  Let’s see how far we can grow together. 🙂

Goodnight lovelies.  Please, please share your stories with me and what it is that you’ve chosen to work on this spring season – the season of growth, rebirth, and beautiful blooms!!! Stay PAWSITIVE, and let’s make our dreams happen, one day and one step at a time.

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Sunshine on My Shoulders…

Makes me happy! Hello lovelies. Welcome back (to all of us). I was MIA for a bit dealing with some “stuff”, but I LOVE this time change. Being outside in the sunshine with my pups just makes everything look brighter, feel better. There for a while, I basically quit life, except for going to work of course, because the pups and I have a mortgage to pay. I disappeared from everything.

It was just too much effort that I didn’t have in me – it being life outside of the ‘must-dos.’ I cut myself off from friends, from the fun things I like to do, everything. I didn’t do it intentionally, and I didn’t know I was doing this. I didn’t write here because well…. I wasn’t feeling positive about anything.

Until one day it hit me like a sledgehammer. I was just existing, and PAWSITIVE PAM isn’t about that life. Long story short (sort of), I went back to the arena to see my team in action. It was amazingly touching to have so many people come up and ask me how I was doing, letting me know they really had missed me. WOW! Who doesn’t love being missed, and having people go out of their way to come tell you they’re so happy to see you? 🙂 And my seat neighbors that I’ve sat next to for a couple of seasons brought me a Jeremy Lin jersey to welcome me back (as you know, he’s my fav!)

I can’t really explain the feeling because it won’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t been there. I’m certainly not talking about suicidal thoughts or anything even close. Just being a hermit and closing the world out. I won’t bore you anymore with that but the moral of the story is, don’t quit life! Keep those people in your life who would miss you if they stop seeing you. Even if you feel alone, remember that you are NOT – there are more people than you realize who genuinely care!

I’ve learned so much about myself, and my circle as I’ve processed all of this. I have a PHENOMENAL circle!! I certainly am one incredibly lucky and blessed person, and it feels sooooo good to be back, to feel that sunshine on my shoulders (literally and figuratively).

Stay PAWSITIVE, and even when you feel like you can’t – I PROMISE that you can. 🙂 Until tomorrow…sunshine.

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Wishing Everyone a Fantastic New Week!

A quick note before putting the bow on this past week.  Thank you all for being here, and thank you for being supportive of my dreams and goals.  It’s so amazing to have you on my journey with me.  Things are really falling into place I think, and hopefully more progress this week to get my brand “Sports Vixen” up and running. 🙂

Along with the new project, I have something else that puts a smile on my face as this new week begins.  Coming out of retirement in terms of political campaigns too – big, big step for me because I thought my “to do” lists and spreadsheets were put away for good. But this is something I believe in, and it’s too important to sit on the sidelines.  When I’m able to, I will share more.

Looking forward to seeing my Hornets tomorrow night.  I’ve missed so many games my seat mates have probably forgotten what I look like.  I just told them “hey, I’m resting up for the PLAYOFF PUSH!”

I read an awesome book this weekend that I highly recommend: “United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good” by Cory Booker.  Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on, this book is inspiring.  I will leave you with the quote on the back cover:

What we need now, more than anything else, are people willing to serve as uniters – people in our communities who can rally others for the greater good, reject cynicism and winner-take-all politics, and embrace the more difficult work of this generation to unite our country in common cause.

Stay pawsitive, and embrace this new week ahead.  Warmer temperatures and spring are on the way.

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Never EVER Give Up On Something You Can’t Stop Thinking About

Hello friends!  I’m over the moon happy today because I had something amazing happen.  Let me just say – if you have a dream, a vision, a purpose, something you are absolutely driven to do – don’t give up on that, ever!  Ever….  People who have known me for a while know that for years I’ve complained about not having a purpose, and how I couldn’t find my passion (aside from dog rescue).  I’ve always loved sports, but I couldn’t figure out how to do anything with that.  So I was just a fan.  And I continued to let that little voice gnaw at me about purpose, what am I passionate about…

You all have been part of my journey of finding my creative voice – venturing out into the blogging world and opening myself up, sharing my thoughts.  You know my struggles, my joys, you know I love my dogs, you know I love my teams…

You probably also know that I was trying to start a sports blog.  I just couldn’t get it off the ground for whatever reason.  Then I met with my AMAZINGLY talented and super supportive friend Creative Galina about my concept, and some logo ideas.

Long story short – today I got one step closer to my PURPOSE, my PASSION.  I now own the domain, (through some self proclaimed super amazing negotiating skillzzzzzzzzzz) and am working on getting it trademarked and listed as a business.  I have so many amazing friends who have, and are, encouraging me along the way.

You know I’ve been pretty down in the dumps lately and desperately trying to pull myself out of it. Because my phenomenal circle of friends kept encouraging me, THINGS ARE HAPPENING. A week ago I felt hopeless, but this THING kept on and on in the back of my mind.  Don’t give up – you want to write about sports, you want to have a brand- you really want this, so no matter how awful you feel, don’t let go of that!

Because I didn’t let go of that, because YOU ALL never gave up on me, because I felt the sunshine and the joy of a dream, things are happening.  NEVER, EVER give up on something you can’t stop thinking about.

I still have a long way to go to get this thing off the ground, but one HUGE hurdle is crossed and I am on my way.  Whatever your thing is, find it, grab on, and don’t let go!

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Time for Some Honest Thoughts and Hard Truths

Hello friends. I’ve been away a bit, and I have to be honest about why. Earlier this week, I hit a personal/internal all-time low in terms of self esteem and body image. And, I also have to be totally honest about how difficult it has been for me to get my head around it and climb out of the ditch.
I was in denial for far too long – not stepping on the scale, eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, not exercising because I didn’t WANT to (being completely, ridiculously stubborn about all of it!)
I’ve tried not to judge my self worth, self image, etc based on the number on the scale – but BOY, this was a HUGE reality check. One I wasn’t ready for, but I bit the bullet and stepped on. Had to know what I am dealing with, where I’m actually starting from, right?

I didn’t sink into total depression, but it was/is a pretty serious “funk” that I’m still wrestling with.
Another bit of total honesty and full disclosure here – this was the highest number I’ve ever seen on the scale. I still am completely overwhelmed at where I’ve found myself – starting seems so daunting. It’s been FAR easier to deny, deny, deny.

Or has it? Clearly it’s been eating away at me (pardon the pun), subconsciously. I knew I needed to know my current situation – yet, I couldn’t face it.
Until I did.

I took a deep breath, stepped on the scale – and I’m proud to say that while I was devastated, I wasn’t surprised, and I didn’t completely break down.  I took a deep breath, looked in the mirror and said – WELL, HERE WE ARE. THE MOMENT …. of truth…. of WOW I had no idea I had let myself get here, but I know I don’t like it here so….

And yet, I’ve been scared to start still. I have plenty of knowledge about what to do…. I just can’t make myself DO.

Until today. I’ve been putting off writing this all week – but this is my moment to come clean with all of you and myself. Now it’s out there – you all know my current situation. That number was truly a rude awakening. I’m letting you all into my head and I’m going to share my journey just to help keep myself going – or um…. GET myself going.

I know tons of people share their successful weight loss/fitness/wellness journeys online, but I’m going to try not to be just another person who loses weight (HOPEFULLY!!!). I want you all to know what it FEELS like inside my brain while I do my level best to make some progress. I admit that I battle depression, sometimes more successfully than others. I am sharing this to keep myself from totally going off the rails and giving up completely. It was EASY to give up – it was EASY not to try. Again – or was it?

I have to DO something at last – because that number is unhealthy, and I want/need to feel better. It’s time to realize I’m a beginner again, and I have to start where I am. The thoughts of where I was, what I used to be able to do – they can be motivation, but I can’t allow all that to keep me from STARTING.


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A Quick Comment on Perspective

Hello friends!  One quick little post about perspective.  This week hasn’t been a productive one at all in terms of my fitness/wellness goals.  I haven’t worked out and my nutrition was mediocre at best. So, I have a couple of options in terms of how I look at this:

  1. I could be SUPER disappointed in myself that I didn’t get to the gym even once
  2. OR, I could understand that I had a really bad migraine for a few days that really didn’t facilitate working out, so instead I used the downtime to get my websites organized a bit, and they’re up and running.

Not making excuses at all here I promise.  BUT.. just making a point that we should take a minute to look at things a couple of different ways.  DON’T make excuses for yourself not doing what you wanted to do, that’s not my point.  I just mean, well, try to apply that old saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  I’m not happy that I couldn’t workout this week, but I AM happy that I was productive in other ways.  I’m really making a conscious attempt not to be so negative towards myself.

I know to some this might seem like I’m trying to justify less than ideal behavior (not meeting my fitness goals this week), but at this point in my personal journey, it helps me to keep moving forward if I find some things at the end of each week that I DID accomplish, some things I did well.

Just throwing that out there as something to think about.  We are all super hard on ourselves, because we want to achieve what we set out to do.  That’s what makes us all great!  Just sayin’, sometimes give yourself a tiny little break and acknowledge your accomplishments!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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Just a quick hello

HELLO my friends!  I am sorry for not being present lately.  I’ve been battling with technology but the exciting part about that is that I’ve learned a LOT and should be more effective at posting and providing reading material from here on out.  Stay with me.

How is everyone doing?  I’m really working on staying pawsitive and keeping on moving towards my goals.  A migraine derailed my gym plans for the past few days, but instead of doing nothing, I spent that time working on ironing out the tech issues.  Maybe those CAUSED the migraine, but I think it’s on the way out now.  Planning to visit the gym closer to home tomorrow.

It is SO difficult to get active when the mind and body are just exhausted – but then there’s also proof that getting active actually HELPS mental and physical fatigue.  Catch 22, right?  I will let you know if it helps me once I ever get there. 🙂

Share with us if you will your methods to just GO and just DO even when you just barely seem able to move through your day.  Let’s work through this together and figure out how to succeed!  We CAN be our creative selves and get our fun stuff done, get through our work days, and find time to better our physical selves with activity – I know we can!!!!

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I’m FINALLY Back :)

WHEW!!  I feel like I moved the Earth today 🙂  I FINALLY succeeded in moving this blog over to its new domain and I’m doing the VICTORY DANCE! That was far more difficult than it should have been but I am back.  I apologize for being absent but really my intention was to migrate and get to writing. LOL Well the interwebs had other plans and instead of writing I’ve been feeling my way through something that is completely new to me.

The Super Bowl is about to begin, but I just wanted to make sure this still works and can link to FB, Twitter, etc.  I have missed you all!

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