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Happy National Puppy Day!

Well, I don’t exactly have puppies anymore (Walker is over a year old now), I have a great reason to celebrate today.  My six pups make me SOOO happy every single day, no matter how bad I feel about anything else.

And today especially, I am so relieved that my Sadie is feeling better.  She has been in critical condition since Sunday, spent time in ICU at my local vet and overnight at the emergency hospital.  At last we see those bright, shiny eyes again.  Thanks for everyone’s well wishes – you guys know how much these “kids” mean to me. 🙂20150127_015656132_iOS

I just wanted to say HELLO because I haven’t been here in a bit.

But one more thing – HOW ABOUT MY HORNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goodnight lovelies.  See you again soon.

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Who Rescued Whom? RIP Samson and Sallie.


One year ago on December 2, I had to say goodbye to my little special needs doxie Samson.  He was a few months past his 15th birthday, and honestly I think he faded so quickly after big sister Sallie died exactly 6 weeks to the day before this date.  The picture above was taken the one night she was home from the hospital to say goodbye.  They stayed like this for hours. He knew it was time for her to go.

They were thick as thieves, together his whole life.  I rescued them when Sallie was a tad over a year and he was just a few months younger.  She had a wonderful 15 1/2 years with me, and she took such good care of her brother.


No one can really understand what these two meant to me.  They helped me see my way out of a very bad domestic violence situation that I didn’t share with anyone until I write this now – I knew they needed me, so I had to be there for them.  We went through so much in 15 years and the only way I could ever repay them is to open my home for other adorable pups who need furever homes too!

These rescue pups rescued ME!  Because of them, I have seen that I have so much love to give the other amazing pups who have come into my world. There truly is nothing more special than the unconditional love of a rescue dog.

20140906_132141364_iOS (2)

At age 5 Samson had IVDD surgery for 2 ruptured discs – a common ailment in dachshunds unfortunately.  He was paralyzed before surgery, so he came a LONG way after his rehab.  He always had a funny little gait afterwards – and he had some issues with one back leg so he had to run everywhere so he wouldn’t fall over. 🙂

image1young pups2

Samson taught me SOOO much about life.  He lived each day to the fullest even though he was handicapped.  He could get around really well, but he had some incontinence issues, so he wore doggie diapers for 10 years.  As older dogs do, he developed cataracts later in life but that didn’t slow him down either.  He thought every day was his best ever.


Sweet special needs pups!

Please check out the gorgeous necklace and bracelet my wonderful friend Creative Galina (Creative Galina website) made for me with their paw prints.  These just arrived – what perfect timing.  Tears of joy to know that I can wear them with me always. Paw prints on my heart forever, and shining on my neck and wrist as a reminder of these tiny little bodies with larger than life personalities. Run free you two.  You will forever be the heart and soul of Pawsitively Pam, along with the the newest additions to the family.

paw charms


December – I am SO ready.

Why does everyone wait until the new year to start something meaningful to them?  Why can’t we start NOW?  The beginning of a new month always refreshes me.  I’ve been rather depressed lately, and I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sunshine, or the lack of exercise, or a combination of a few things.

SOOOOOO – it’s time to step up and beat back those blues.  I have a pretty special post planned for tomorrow but today I just wanted to say how thankful I am for a new month.  POSITIVE things to work on, no going back and dwelling on the negative.

If you need something to make you smile, check out this hard core tiny dog wrestling video.  

Sorry for the dark video, but my skills are a work in progress.  Jazzy and Walker are the main event, and Sadie comes in as the enforcer. 🙂

I am so very lucky to have these little angels in my world.  They make me smile no matter what else is going on inside my head.  Enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow.



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