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Category: Motivation

Putting my tagline to the test :)

So…. how do YOU handle it when you do the right thing and encounter people who hate you for it and do their best to make life miserable for you?  I know the answer is NOT to give them that power, but honestly, are we really able to be immune to hurtful people?  I am not.  But, I’m using this as another step in my personal development journey.

“Pawsitive Vibes Pawsitive Life” is my tagline, so I had a nice little conversation with myself on how best to live this even in the face of things that upset me.  Life isn’t always positive – of course it isn’t – it’s this “crazy thing called life.”  I’m keeping it real with anyone who takes time to read what I write.  I was REALLY bothered this week, because I gave someone the power to get in my head.  THAT was entirely my fault, and I have to take ownership of it.

I’m choosing to turn negativity and judgment into something positive.  I am making some positive changes in my life (stay tuned for a post just about that) so that I will feel better about MYSELF.  I think negative, hateful people have more power if you aren’t prepared to lift yourself up, and I haven’t been.  So, I had a little meltdown this week (thanks to a very dear friend for putting up with it!) and got myself together.  Negative, mean people can only get to me if I let them, and guess what?  I don’t HAVE TO LET THEM.  I am powerful, I am strong.  Mean people who try to make others feel bad about themselves are the incredibly weak ones.


I let things bother me for longer than I am proud of, but to me, the important thing is that I have taken my power back, and am making myself a better ME!  🙂 Silver lining.  Now, everyone go out there and have a wonderfully amazing weekend, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

Until next time, STAY PAWSITIVE no matter what life throws at you.  We can do this.  And remember, it’s always right to do the right thing anyway.

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