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I just have to get this off my chest! And, most importantly, THANK YOU VETERANS!

Awesome blog post by Theodan Janes with The Charlotte Observer about Christmas Tree controversy

Starbucks Red Cups written by Petula Dvorak of The Washington Post

I felt validated to see others expressing the same disbelief that I have been feeling.  I know traditions are important, and I know people are passionate about their traditions and religion.  But… is Christmas really completely defined by a tree and decorations on disposable coffee cups?

So many people are insanely upset that they’re ruining Christmas by not having decorations on their cups.  Here in Charlotte we had a petition with THOUSANDS of signatures that caused a shopping mall to change their Christmas decorations from some glacier looking thing to the traditional Christmas tree.

Now, I am not anti-holiday, I think holidays are great for anyone celebrating them (any culture, religion, etc).  BUT COME ON!  My wish for this country is for people to get THIS UPSET over IMPORTANT, REAL ISSUES.

Start petitions to those in Congress to take better care of our veterans, work on issues related to reducing poverty, homelessness, whatever “IT” is that matters.  Start petitions to really push for relief for homeless veterans, funding the traininng of service dogs for wounded veterans…  SOMETHING!!!  If people can put that much energy into coffee cups and Christmas trees, just think about the GOOD we could all do together if we really worked towards positive change.

Our veterans sacrifice so much for our country, they deserve for our government and citizens to care about them for all they have done and continue to do.  We owe you so much more than you often receive.

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