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Month: July 2018

Welcome to Pawsitively Pam 2.0 :) The REBOOT

Had to share this quote I posted on my Sports Vixen website because it just speaks to me.  I have a necklace with this and I am really trying to LIVE THIS.  Once I left the environment that I had been in for my super successful transformation (just because I needed a change to try to figure out what I wanted my next goal to be, and not be intimidated by the amazing athletes there who have just been killing their shows on stage.) Those ladies are so incredibly motivating but I was feeling like I didn’t quite know where I could fit in terms of what type of athlete I can be if I didn’t want to compete, etc.  It was really hard to do, but I changed gyms (because SUMMER AND AIR CONDITIONING!!!!) and didn’t have a coach watching me train twice a day anymore so I started out showing up ehhhh when I felt like it.

I was just wasting time, doing half-ass nutrition plans and half-ass workouts when I decided to go.  Better than nothing, but completely off track from the discipline I had for the last 2 years 24/365.  Well, now you KNOW that attitude does NOT fly with me for very long – sooooo  now I’m all in with my whole ass!  I don’t adapt to change very quickly so I took a while to come around to going somewhere new, new training plan, new nutrition plan….. but it had to be done, because I was NOT losing what I’ve worked so hard for up til then.

So, what did I do to get myself back into WHOLE ASS mode?

  1. OK – Coach on board, plans in hand.  Time to DO THE WORK and EAT THE FOOD.  Back on the meal prepping, drinking 2 gallons of water most days, cutting back all the wine I enjoyed while I was sliding into Phase 2.0
  2. I’ve been trying out different times of day at the gym to see when it will be less frustrating to get my workouts in.  It’s crowded but not impossible.  Working mostly from home makes it so much easier to fit them in!!!
  3. I signed up and entered the Redcon1 Readiness Trials – 8 Week Transformation contest.  Started June 25, finish August 20.  I needed a goal and a deadline to work towards, and I will not let anything stop me this time.  I have a different focus, different support system… and more discipline.  Met new people that keep me honest and disciplined even when motivation stayed in bed.
  4. Coach has a goal for how far I can get during that 8 weeks (basically 6 now) – then how we’ll keep going after that and use the momentum to get to our ultimate goal.
  5. DO THE WORK, IN AND OUT OF THE GYM.  PERIOD.   Buy the food, PREPARE the food, drink the water, and ONLY eat that food until my ONE cheat meal a week.
  6. Also, I finally started journaling again.  Clearly I haven’t been blogging but I needed the meditative aspects that happen for me when I put pretty pens to pretty paper.  This really helps me clear my head so that I can a few minutes for real meditation.  If I don’t journal first, there’s WAY too much monkey mind going on for me to sit still.  My routine is sometimes twice a day, depending on how I feel – I might write Morning Pages to get the thoughts flowing for the day, and then at the end of the day I usually turn tv OFF and music ON and see where the pen takes me.  I know most of you reading this are far better writers than I am but I just love to do it and don’t let it cause me stress if the writing doesn’t look perfect or whatever.  My brain is far from perfect so I can’t really expect my journal to be 🙂  I try to say hello to the journal at least once a day even for just a few minutes to capture how I felt that day – if not happy, what caused it, and what am I going to change!  I do use super cute pens and notebooks – after all, my writing space is my happy place so I want it to make me smile!  I will link to some of favorite things below. One tip I’ve found that has helped me get into the words a little more is using music to help my thoughts flow freely.

Gorgeous Leather Journals from Soothi

Office Max Cute Journals

Time to be great, loves!

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