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Day: August 21, 2017

Putting in Work on the Outside, but What About the Inside?

Solar eclipses signify new beginnings.  Turn a new leaf, leave the past behind.  From what I’ve read, this time of solar eclipse is supposed to be a time of reflection and introspection.  Figuring out what you want to manifest into your life and meditating on that.  If you’ve been feeling a little “off” lately, don’t beat yourself up over it because you’re not alone.  And you might experience that feeling for a little while after today as well.  Embrace the new beginning, inhale, exhale and start.  Give yourself permission to move slowly and deliberately into this newness.

I wanted to talk a little about personal development today.  You all have been following my story about my physical transformation, and you know I love my two a day workouts.  But for a little while I had been neglecting working on the INSIDE!  It dawned on me that I need to put in just as much work on my personal development as I do on my fitness.  Fitness and wellness are so important to me but working on the inside is part of wellness too, and I didn’t have a plan for that, for keeping my brain challenged.  I needed a plan to pursue my passion with full force, not just halfheartedly.

So I recently started journaling again – I had gotten away from it for far too long because I just didn’t feel like rehashing my feelings on paper.  I realized how much I missed it, and I also gave myself permission to write only when I feel like it, it doesn’t have to be forced as an everyday thing if I’m just not into it.  Also on my agenda: working on website development, taking some social media training and some writing/blogging courses.  No rush on this, but it feels great to have some things on my personal development plan.  FINALLY I am back on my blog and am really excited about getting that going.

Relax right now and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect at everything.  And it’s OK to feel a little strange right now.  Use that to just slow down a bit, reflect on what you want to feel in your life, and make a plan to go for it.

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